Hyperconnected and super secure global businesses

In 2023, there are already 5.18 billion Internet users around the world, accounting for two-thirds of the global population.¹

The number of Internet users is estimated to reach 7 billion in 2028.²

4.88 billion people around the globe are social media users as of July 2023.³

80% of G2000 companies will, on average, interconnect with 4+ hyperscale providers and 30+ SaaS/business partners by 2026.

85% of global businesses will expand multicloud access across several regions by 2025.⁴

How organisations benefit from hyperconnected technologies

Digital technology spending by organisations is expected to grow at 3.5 times in 2023.⁶

The benefits of employing hyperconnected technologies

Hyperconnectivity risks

The advantages of network management

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