Key takeaways

• The corporate impact on the environment is well established. The rise in ESG has influenced a parallel rise in corporate social impact.

• For companies to address social justice, they must first lead with values and build an equitable workplace.

• Technology has the power to accelerate this change by closing the digital divide and increasing access to services.

Business leaders are becoming climate leaders

81% of people expect CEOs to speak out on issues such as climate change and social justice.²

How to build social justice and climate action into business operations

Find alignment

Causes to champion must align with ethical business values.

Hire social and climate leaders

Show commitment by making a senior hire

Commit to diversity, equity and inclusion

Monitor hiring and whistleblowing policies.

Be the change

Where CSR builds brand value, ESG shows wholesale commitment.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Only 20% of business consult with women’s organisations, experts or even impacted women when building gender risk assessments.⁵

Be the change

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