Key takeaways

• ESG measurement is increasingly including the supply chain so ensuring safe, ethical practices is essential for inclusion in ESG indexes

• Applying data measurement to the supply network makes it more transparent and allows companies to address human rights breaches

• IoT and AI technologies give greater monitoring opportunities for manufacturing and distribution as well as protecting the people involved in shipping your product

There are an estimated 450 million people employed in supply chain-related jobs¹

How technology can promote and protect human rights


Use AI and IoT to monitor the performance and safety of heavy-duty machines.


IoT sensors allow for supply chain gaps to be alerted to purchasers.

Cyber security

Cyber security protects personal data that is otherwise at risk from human traffickers or hackers.

The supply network

Enterprise companies with an advanced tech uptake are well-positioned to preserve the well-being of everyone in the supply network.

How technology can promote and protect human rights

The protective role of cyber security

Tech for good

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