Business benefits-at-a-glance

  • Cloud-based solutions can help automate manual processes and digitise information that can become searchable, reduce human error and save time.
  • Digitised information can lead to better business insights.
  • These solutions can lead to a marked increase in efficiency and cost savings.
  • The ability for solutions to take care of the day to day work empowers employees into thinking about how they can further develop the business.
  • Discover digital solutions without the commitment. Check out our free solution trials for SMEs.

Accounting in the cloud

Accounting is a time-consuming process that is prone to human error, Mr Soen decided to digitise the process and chose a cloud accounting solution - Quickbooks. “The solution allowed us to manage our finances from anywhere with unparalleled security,” said Mr Soen. With the software, PBD management can always access financial records on their preferred devices, whenever they needed to.

Additionally, they’re able to create and send custom invoices online – again from any device. If they're out of the office, PBD employees can still issue an invoice on the spot, there's no need to get back to the deli. All of this data is securely stored in the cloud and synced across devices. “This made it easier to monitor our finances and make well-informed decisions.”

Better business insights

The cloud-based accounting and supplier management solutions provide detailed reports like month-on-month spending as well as spending breakdowns based on supplier and outlets. 

“When such information is given to us with minimal work from our end, we’re able to concentrate on more important decisions that will help us grow the business. When we can easily determine a certain supplier is cheaper, we can stick to that supplier,” said Mr Soen.

Empowered employees

Ultimately, increased efficiency and productivity means more engaged employees. “Where digitalisation has helped us the most is in empowering our employees to think beyond the nitty gritty and develop more innovative approaches to helping the business grow. Our employees can focus on new, creative dishes or thinking of ways to market the business,” said Mr Soen.

Images featured courtesy of Park Bench Deli

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