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  • SMBs need to protect their business from cybersecurity threats that could lead to financial losses, damaged reputation, and diminished consumer trust.
  • Attackers have shifted focus from the Americas to the APAC region, with Singapore as one of the main countries targeted.
  • Industries most at risk are retail, finance, hospitality, and manufacturing.
  • Environments most at risk are corporate and internal networks, e-commerce infrastructure, cloud systems, and POS systems.
  • Threats SMBs need to watch out for include business email compromise, POS malware, e-commerce attacks, and application attacks.
  • To defend against cybersecurity attacks, SMBs need to put safeguards in place, such as getting the right security tools, implementing security policies, keeping systems updated, and educating all employees.

Asia Pacific at risk

Industries and environments most affected

Threats to watch out for

Defending against cybersecurity attacks

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