Key takeaways

• 5G’s business potential is tremendous, but many enterprises struggle to develop use cases without end-to-end support.

• Singtel has teamed up with Microsoft to build end-to-end ecosystem solutions, combining high-speed 5G connectivity with edge computing and technology partners.

• From conversational 3D avatars to distributed edge video analytics, we highlight the unified edge solution that is now available for enterprises to trial.

90% of APAC enterprises will still struggle to leverage 5G applications meaningfully in their day-to-day operations due to “limited integration with tangential technologies”.²

Building 5G use cases faster with ecosystem solutions

Cutting-edge capabilities unlocked


In-vehicle experiences & Enhanced vehicle telemetry

Smart city

Smart energy & Digital twins


Remote patient care &
Remote clinical education

Public infrastructure

Visual detection
& Emergency services


Digital in-store experiences
& Connected workers

Stadium & venues

Immersive fan experiences & OTT event streaming

Lower cost to innovate and scale

Faster deployment with ecosystem partners

1. Mixed reality for healthcare

2. Distributed edge video solution

3. Digital twins with 5G and Public MEC

4. Large language model over 5G and Public MEC

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