Power your cloud cyber resilience

Accelerate your digital transformation with the right partner for more visibility, control & confidence.

Secure every stage of your cloud journey

Assess, transform and adapt

Improve your cloud security strategy
with specialised cyber awareness and
training programmes, advisory
consulting services and comprehensive
cloud diagnostic services.

Monitor and protect

Protect your multi-cloud
environments with the right mix of
seamless, well-integrated security

Detect and respond

Fight threats effectively with
comprehensive threat intelligence,
advanced security automation tools
and proactive threat hunting by our
elite SpiderLabs team – with our full
suite of Managed Security Services.

Explore our customers’ success stories

Read how we powered digital resilience for our customers with a transformational approach to cybersecurity.

Make the smarter security investment for your business

Daunted by evolving cyber threats and rising costs of in-house security resources? Benefit from 24x7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services that connect to your existing security tools with advanced analytics, and best-in-class threat
intelligence and expertise.

Managed vs self-managed MDR: which is more cost-effective?

Use our complimentary calculator to understand the costs involved
in your in-house security operations.


Ready to power up your digital resilience?

More resources for you to stay ahead

Download our complimentary resources for the latest industry trends and expert advice.

Begin a great partnership with Trustwave today

Transform your cloud journey with:

Proven security expertise

Partner with a security industry
leader with more than 20 years of
experience in helping customers
achieve their security and
compliance goals.

Trustwave SpiderLabs expertise

Access renowned threat
intelligence from an elite group of
researchers, penetration testers and
incident response professionals.

Rapid response

Achieve accelerated
incident response where a digital
forensics investigation is conducted
within hours of scheduling a
penetration test.

24x7 threat monitoring & detection

Gain round-the-clock visibility of
threats and faster breach detection
via leading technology, monitoring
experts and data analysts.

Service delivery flexibility

Benefit from end-to-end
cloud solutions regardless of your
cloud platforms, or augment your
existing resources.

Existing investment protection

Leverage Security Technology
Management for existing and new
deployments with Trustwave and/or
leading third-party solutions.

A named global MSS leader

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