Singtel Business Roaming Giveaway

Your success means the world to us! That’s why we’re giving you extra savings on your business roaming.
From 7 April to 30 June 2017, receive up to $5* voice rebate when you sign up for DataRoam Unlimited daily plans, so you save while staying seamlessly connected wherever your business goes. It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting Singtel for your business roaming needs.
  Turn on data roaming in your phone setting and MySingtel App*.  
  Automatically get an unlimited data roaming plan in 113 countries from as low as $19/day and save over 90%.  
  Make and receive voice calls when overseas and automatically get up to
$5 rebate* on your voice calls in the same billing month.
Why Singtel roaming?
  Unlimited Surfing
DataRoam Saver
(daily) plans in more
than 113 countries.
  Greater Convenience
Be contactable at your usual mobile number.
  Roam Confidently
Comes with Network
Lock to avoid accidental
pay-per-use charges.
*For existing EasyData Roam customers
1 Only selected business registered mobile phones which receive an SMS on this promotion will enjoy this promotion.
2 When the data roaming is switched on on your phone or MySingtel App, you will incur an auto-subscription of Singtel DataRoam Saver Plans (Daily)from $19/day during this promotional period. Please visit for list of countries covered.
3 This promotion ends on 31 March 2017.
4 $5 rebate on voice roaming bill is applicable with at least one DataRoam Saver Unlimited daily plan subscribed in the month. $5 rebate is applicable for voice roaming calls made in March 2017.
If the bill on voice roaming calls made in the month is less than $5, there is no roll-over of the $5 rebate to subsequent months.
5 There is no charge to your bill if the dataroaming is not enabled in MySingtel App and phone setting.
6 Pay-per-use charges apply to countries outside the 113 countries not covered in EasyData Roam (bizpromo). Please refer here for the list of countries covered.