Protect your company with Singtel Cyber Security

We Support you in the Fight Against Cyber Crime

The reality today is, if your business is connected to the internet, you are at risk of falling victim to cyber crimes. With the rising frequency and sophistication of attacks, it is an issue that no business can risk to ignore.

Singtel Cyber Security is working together with businesses and IT departments to deliver pre-emptive and pro-active cyber security solutions to best protect your company from the evolving threats and implications in the event of a cyber security breach.

Our Cyber Security Framework

Our cyber security framework – Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond – is comprised of best practices proven to be successful by global standards bodies. These four functions are designed to run concurrently and continuously to provide a high-level, strategic view of the lifecycle of an organisation’s management of cyber security risks. 

Our Experts are Yours

We offer you access to over 2000+ security professionals to keep your business safer and ensure that you have the services, technologies and tools you need to meet your future business goals.

If you don't have the resources to build an internal security testing team for all of your applications, databases and networks, we can provide a combination of tools-based testing with the expertise of the industry’s top penetration testers to provide a range of options to identify vulnerabilities so you can better manage them.

Leading Cyber Security Technologies

Together with an ecosystem of world-class partners and Trustwave, we have assembled a comprehensive portfolio of security technologies. 

Our solutions are developed by our world-renowned team who studies attackers’ latest techniques to better understand both what’s happening now and what methods and vectors will challenge businesses next. We also offer technology from other leading global cyber security companies to provide you with a comprehensive choice so you can be confident you have the right tools for your business.

Global Security Operations Centres

Our nine Security Operations Centres (SOCs) are staffed around the clock to monitor and immediately respond to security incidents that may be impacting your business. These secure facilities house the team that delivers customer service, threat monitoring and device management to customers across the globe. Consider them mission control for your security.

We Offer Actionable Insights and Analysis

Our large, global client footprint offers unmatched visibility into security threats. We gain key insights from our analysis of hundreds of data breach investigations, threat intelligence from our global security operations centres, telemetry from security technologies, and industry-leading security research. 

By augmenting our Managed Cyber Security Services with the same proprietary threat intelligence, we can better protect your business.

If you want to know more about Singtel Cyber Security services and solutions, contact us today.