M2M Video & Surveillance

Singtel M2M Video and Surveillance Solutions provide your business the ability to monitor your operations, as well as gain business intelligence through your video footages and make them work to your advantage. Our M2M Video Solutions help our F&B and Retail customers gain a competitive edge in their business, while M2M Mobile Video Surveillance provides constant monitoring of important assets.

M2M Video Solutions

M2M Video Solutions allows businesses to:
  • Improve sales conversion and performance through data analytics based on customer traffic and in-store behaviour
  • Increase security through immediate notification of intrusion and perimeter breach 

M2M Mobile Video surveillance

M2M Mobile Video Surveillance allows businesses to:
  • Save cost and enable faster deployment with its wireless surveillance infrastructure
  • Respond quicker to critical situations with real-time streaming videos on iOS or Android devices

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Why Singtel Video and Surveillance?

Our M2M Video and Surveillance solutions helps you turn your video footages into more than a means of securing your business assets, but also as an effective tool to gain better customer insights to improve business performance.  


More than securing your stores

Our M2M Video and Surveillance solutions do more than securing your retail stores. It is a tool that provides insights into your customers, allowing you to make faster, informed decisions in critical situations.

Greater operational efficiency

Real-time monitoring of assets from any location

Shopper Insights

Gain valuable insights through analytics to make informed decisions