Corporate Executive Scheme (CES)



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Advantages of Singtel Corporate Executive Scheme

For companies

  • Extend your corporate mobile account privileges to your staff
  • Lower your capital expenditures as the mobile devices and plans are owned by your employees
  • Fuss-free asset management

For employees

  • Enjoy exclusive deals on the latest mobile phones and plans at corporate rates
  • Save on costs with lower monthly mobile subscription
  • Have the flexibility to choose your own device and plan

Sign up for CES

If your company is enrolled in CES, you can sign up online via Online CES Shop or CES Roadshows. 

If your company is not enrolled in CES, please contact your company's Singtel Sales Manager. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About Singtel Corporate Executive Scheme (CES)

  1. What is Singtel Corporate Executive Scheme (CES) and what are the benefits?

    Singtel CES offers exclusive deals for employees of participating companies who are signing up a line for business use. Lines signed up under CES will be registered under NRIC and liability
    belongs to the employee.

     Singtel CES provides exclusive benefits and great savings:

    • Lower monthly subscription fees
    • Handset discounts
    • Attractive roaming rates
    • Free add-ons (value-added services)
  2. How do I check my company’s CES rates?
    If online access is available to your company, you can login to Online CES Shop using your company email address to check on CES rates.

Signing up to CES

  1. How do I apply for a CES mobile line?
    You can apply for CES mobile lines through Online CES Shop or CES roadshows.
  2. What are the requirements to sign up CES?

    You have to be staff of a company that participates in CES.

    For Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, please provide copies of NRIC and Staff Pass.

    For Foreigners with work pass in Singapore, please provide copies of:

    • Staff Pass, and
    • One of the following work passes:
      • Employment Pass (at least 6 months' validity)
      • S Pass (at least 6 months' validity and deposit is required)
      • Work Permit (at least 12 months' validity and deposit is required)

    For all applicants:

    • Deposit up to $800 may be collected for each mobile line application. The deposit amount, if any, will be advised to you at the point of application.
    • Eligibility assessment will be conducted at the point of application.
  3. How many line can I sign up under CES?
    Each employee (by NRIC) can sign up for one CES postpaid mobile line and up to three MobileShare Supplementary Plan lines. All lines will be billed to the employee via his/her residential address.
  4. What is MobileShare Supplementary Plan?

    MobileShare Supplementary Plan is a service that allows postpaid mobile subscribers (on Enterprise Mobile Bundle and Combo Mobile Plans) to share local data, talktime and SMS bundle of the main line with other devices. It includes sharing of the data allocation from data add-ons such as DATA X 2, DATA X 3 and DATA X INFINITY.

    Each MobileShare subscription comes with ts own SIM card and unique phone number, allowing the MobileShare user to call, send SMS and use data just like any other mobile subscribers. Usage by the MobileShare number is deducted from the main line and pay-per-use charges apply on excess traffic.

    For more info and FAQs, refer to   

  5. How do I port-in or transfer my mobile line into CES?

    Port-In (if your mobile line is currently with other service providers such as M1, StarHub)

    You can switch your mobile line to Singtel and retain the same mobile number by porting-in your line from your current provider.

    To do so, please do not terminate your existing mobile service. To ensure a successful switch, please clear all outstanding bills and ensure that you do not have any binding contract with the other providers.

    For more information regarding porting your number, please refer to <15. Port-in Service> on the Mobile Terms and Conditions page.

    Once you submit a port-in application via Online CES Shop or email, we will issue a new Singtel SIM card to you and you will receive a SMS notification on the scheduled port-in date and time.

    Once port-in is completed successfully, there will be no network signal on your StarHub/M1 SIM card. Insert your Singtel SIM card into your phone to get connected on Singtel network.

    Transfer (If your mobile line is currently a postpaid mobile line on Singtel personal, CIS or corporate schemes)

    Please note:       

    To transfer your current postpaid mobile line into CES, please ensure that the line is registered under your name and NRIC; and that you settle all outstanding bills in your current

    Upon transfer to CES, a new CES billing account will be created under your name and NRIC.

    Here are the guidelines and conversion rates that apply. Note that early device upgrade fees may apply for early re-contract requests.

    Current postpaid mobile line’s equipment contract status Is transfer into CES allowed?
    Completed at least 3 months and less than 21 months 

    Yes. Conversion fee of $80.25 (including GST) and 3-month holding period will apply. During 3-month holding period, you are unable to transfer or terminate the line.

    The remaining contract of your current line will be migrated to the CES line.

    Completed at least 21 months

    Yes. Conversion fee will be waived and 3 month holding period will apply. During 3-month holding period, you are unable to transfer or terminate the line.

    The remaining contract of your current line will be migrated to the CES line.

    Completed at least 24 months Yes. Conversion fee and 3-month holding
    period will be waived.  

    If your mobile line is currently a prepaid mobile line on Singtel personal scheme:

    Before you can transfer, you will need to convert your existing prepaid mobile line into a postpaid mobile line under Singtel personal scheme at any Singtel retail stores. Once the conversion is complete, please approach CES team to transfer your postpaid mobile line from Singtel personal scheme into CES. Please refer to the above section on postpaid mobile transfer for more information.








    $ 350
  6. Am I eligible to re-contract?

    View your re-contract status from My Singtel mobile app, by selecting "View Your Plan". You will be able to re-contract to CES as early as 12 months into your current contract with the applicable device upgrade fees (see below question "Can I re-contract early?"). Re-contract below 12 months is not allowed.

    My Singtel mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

  7. Can I re-contract early?

    Yes, you are able to re-contract to CES as early as 12 months into your current contract. The following device upgrade fees will apply. 

    Equipment contract status Early device upgrade
    Completed between 12 months to 21 months
    Completed more than 21 months
    $ 350
  8. Can I downgrade or terminate my CES subscription if it is still in contract?
    You can do so, however, a downgrade fee or an early termination fee will be applicable if your mobile line is still in contract. Please call 1606 for more information.

Online CES Shop

  1. What are the benefits of buying online?
    • Available 24/7 online, sign up anytime at your convenience
    • No administration fee    
    • View mobile plans and mobile devices catalogues
    • Choose your delivery date

    Sign up now at

    Note: access to Online CES Shop is unavailable for staff of certain companies. You will encounter an error message when trying to login.

  2. How do I buy online?
    Visit Online CES Shop (URL: Key in your company email address and click on "Submit" to have an One-Time Pin (OTP) email sent to the email address. Copy the OTP and click on "Access Online CES Shop now" to enter your OTP and start browsing.
  3. What documents do I need to sign up for Online CES Shop?
    You will need to upload eletronic copies of your NRIC and Staff Pass (both front and back copies).
  4. What browsers are supported to access Online CES Shop?
    IE6 to IE10, Firefox, Mozilla and Chrome.

Payments and Bills

  1. What are the payment modes for CES?
    • Payment for monthly subscription fees is via Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or GIRO only.
    • Payment for mobile devices is via Credit Card.
  2. I would like to change my Credit Card details for payment of monthly subscription fees.

    Please complete a new Credit Card application form and send to as soon as possible.

    Click here to download the Credit Card application form.

  3. How to register for eBill under CES?
    1. Visit
    2. Click on "Request for eBill (For CES Customer)”.
    3. Key in service number and NRIC, and click on "Verify". Service number must not contain any spacing, and NRIC is case-sensitive.
    4. Upon successful verification, key in the rest of the fields and click on “Submit”
    5. An email will be sent to you with the User ID and Password to access the eBill. You may Contact Biz Portal if you do not receive the email after 1 business day.


  1. What are the available delivery modes for the handset?

    For new lines and port-in lines, your handset will be delivered via courier.

    • Delivery fee is waived on a promotional basis
    • Delivery address has to be your registered home address or your company’s registered office address; third party address is not applicable.

    For re-contract lines (via Online CES Shop), you will be able to choose between:

    1. Collection at POPStation at $0 fee (fee is waived on promotional basis).  Find out your nearest POPStation.
    2. Delivery via courier at $15 delivery fee.  Delivery address has to be your registered home address or your company’s registered office address; third party address is not applicable. 
  2. What documents to prepare for courier delivery?

    Please present your NRIC and staff pass to courier for verifications.


  3. I’m not around to receive the courier delivery. Can I authorise someone else to do so?
    Yes, you can authorise someone else to collect on behalf by providing a Letter of Authorisation. Delivery address still has to be your registered home address or your company’s registered office address. 

Apps and Other Singtel Services

  1. Can I use MySingtel app for CES line?

    You can continue to access the following features in MySingtel app:

    • Check talktime, SMS and data usage
    • Check contract expiry date
    • Enable and disable DataRoam alerts, set DataRoam limit for alerts
    • Disable network lock
    • Subscribe to Add-Ons or Value Added Services (VAS)

    You will be unable to access Bills and Rewards.

  2. Can my CES line be counted as a line for the Mobile Multi-Line nomination?
    CES line cannot be counted as a line for the Mobile Multi-Line nomination.