Phone Data Security - for Greater Assurance!

When your mobile phone needs that extra security for the data it carries, choose Singtel PHONESafe.

Singtel PHONESafe allows you to remotely lock your phone, back up and erase your phone information should you lose your mobile phone. You will also be able to trace your stolen phone when foreign SIM cards are inserted into your phone.

Phone Security for All your Precious Mobile Phone Data

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Protect your phone remotely

LOCK the phone remotely

  • Phone is disabled and worthless
  • Prevents access to phone
  • Sounds Alarm to warn the thief

TRACK & monitor activities on the phone

  • Be notified when foreign SIM cards are inserted
  • Monitor thief's calls, contacts, SMS, etc

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Protect your privacy

WIPE OUT data on the phone and memory card

  • Remotely wipe out sensitive personal and corporate data:
    • Contacts, SMS, Calendar
    • Photos, Videos
    • Storage Card
  • Auto-Lock on SIM change for automatic protection

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Protect your data

BACK UP personal data on the phone wirelessly

  • Effortless and idiot-proof auto-backup
  • Backup of all perosnal data:
    • Contacts, SMS, Calendar, Call Logs
    • Photos, Videos
  • Backup initiated automatically, manually, or remotely
  • Web portal to access personal data anytime, anywhere

RESTORE data to a new phone instantly

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Symbian s60 II & III Edition;
  • Windows Mobile 5/6/6.1 (Professional & Standard Editions)

Why Phone Security is Important

80 to 100 Million phones are lost every year” (CNET April 2007)

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Securing enterprise mobility

  • Remote lockdown and wipeout to protect corporate data security
  • Automated security protection by auto-lock setting

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Enhancing executive productivity

  • Complete and automated backup of user data
  • Ensures data availability and productivity continuity in case of device loss
  • Easy upload of mobile data, and web portal enables user to archive, search and extend usage of their mobile data

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Saving IT effort and costs

  • Good quality, symmetrical high-speed Internet access at affordable rates

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A complete managed service

  • Symmetrical and high granular bandwidth from 256kbps to 100Mbps