SingNet IT Assist




Let Dr. Digital Take Care of Your IT Support and Hardware Repair

SingNet IT Assist, also known as Dr. Digital at Courts is your one-stop destination for advice, diagnosis, prescription and repair of all your IT stuff.

Dr. Digital is a Technology Clinic that offers small businesses

  • Advice
  • Diagnosis
  • Repair

Services available on all computers or notebooks and covers mainly software related issues.

Dr. Digital services

  • Full hardware and software diagnostic evaluation
  • Desktop/Notebook operating system restoration
  • Operating system related problems
  • Device connection support
  • Virus/Spyware detection and removal
  • IT hardware troubleshooting*
  • Internet connection support
  • Email configuration support
  • Remote phone support and assistance
  • Upgrading services*
  • Basic Microsoft OS environment LAN support, e.g. network printing, configuration of wireless LAN

SingNet IT Assist
SingNet Business Broadband
Minimum 24 months
No. of Incidents (Visits)
3 No. of Phone Support Calls Unlimited, expired when all incidents are utilised
4 Phone Support Hours Mon-Fri: 10am -10pm
5 On-Site Support Hours Mon-Fri: 10am -10pm
6 In-Store Clinic Support Hours Mon-Sun: 10am -10pm
7 Response Time Within 6 working hours

  1. What does Dr. Digital cover that the manufacturer’s warranty does not?

    The manufacturer’s warranty covers only hardware. Dr. Digital covers software issues such as virus, spyware, OS problems, connectivity problems and upgrade services.

  2. What are the definitions of Incident, Phone Support & In-Store Support?

    Incident: Carry-in or on-site service
    Phone Support: Over-the phone troubleshooting
    In-Store Support: Carry-in service at Courts Megastore

  3. Does Dr. Digital cover just 1 computer?

    No, Dr. Digital can cover any number of computers as long as they are at the registered address of the Company.

  4. Is hardware repair and replacement included in this service?

    No, hardware repair and replacement will be quoted separately, subject to availability of parts.

  5. Does Dr. Digital cover servers and workstations?

    No, as stated in the Terms & Conditions, service does not cover servers, workstations and related hardware.

  6. What happens if, after servicing, the same fault reappears?

    There is a 7-day service warranty for the same fault on the same device.