Singtel Data Centre Services


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Singtel Data Centres are designed with the future in mind. Our facilities are purposefully built to adapt to change so your business is assured that new technologies will work with your current and future IT needs.

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Adapts to your business demands
As your business requirements change, your data centre needs to be flexible and scalable to meet your IT demands. Singtel data centres give you capability to adjust the number of racks, power and network to suit your business needs.

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Ease your IT spending
We invest heavily in our data centre facilities to keep it current, agile and adaptable to new technologies. Our world-class facilities use future-proof technologies that are available to you at minimal capital investment.

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Security by design
Our data centres are secured 24/7/365 with physical security, multi-layered access systems and surveillance cameras. Above industry standard network and cloud security provides greater data protection.

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Build a complete IT ecosystem
We offer a wide range of IT services including colocation, cloud, domestic and international data and security solutions, while our managed services gives you access to IT experts without investing in additional IT personnel.

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Disaster recovery
Should disaster strike, your mission-critical data is safe and secure in our facilities. Our disaster recovery systems have delivered a track record of 100% uptime in our Singapore flagship data centres for the past XX years.

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