IoT Solutions for F&B

Using intelligent sensors and smart solutions, F&B establishments can simplify and automate the monitoring of temperature and rodents, freeing up staff for more productive activities.

Hassle-free set up​

Plug-and-play wireless sensors do not require complicated installation and configuration.

Automated and continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring and automatic recording of data and events.

Real-time updates

Receives updates in real-time based on event-triggered logic and rules, including specific alerts related to irregularities and delays.


Measures temperatures accurately from a distance.

Hassle-free set up​

Plug-and-play wireless sensor can be easily set up and used for years with little maintenance.

Better visibility within a short time frame

Dashboard provides better visibility of rodent activity and its location, ensuring more accurate trap placements and higher capture rates.

Real-time updates

24/7 remote monitoring ensures that rodent activity is recorded immediately.

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