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As a business customer, you can access a world of mobile benefits by signing up for 
a new business mobile line. What’s more, you can expand those benefits with
a Business Fibre Broadband plan.

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Step 1:
Sign up for a new Business Mobile line and enjoy these 4 business mobile benefits.

free calls

Free calls among colleagues


mobile discount

Discount on mobile plans


Business grade security

Business grade security solutions


save roaming

Greater savings with business roaming plans


Step 2:
With a Business Fibre Broadband plan, enjoy all 6 business mobile benefits.

free local data

Unlimited local data on Sundays


annual handset upgrade

Annual handset fee waiver



Business Circle Benefits

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Free calls among colleagues

Save on outgoing calls to all your co-workers with a Singtel Business Mobile line.

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Mobile plan discount

Enjoy up to 20% off your monthly mobile subscription.

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Business grade security solutions

Work and transact safely on your mobile device and be alerted with any detection of malware.

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Greater savings with Business roaming plans

Stay in touch when you’re overseas and save on voice and data roaming cost with our suite of business roaming plans.

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Free local data on Sundays

Enjoy endless local data every Sunday.

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Waiver of annual handset upgrade fee

Upgrade your handset every year with the waiver of early re-contract fees worth $350

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