What is Liquid Platform?

Liquid Platform is a unified orchestration platform to abstract complexities and enable agility, governance, and automation for customers across Hybrid Clouds. It provides self-service to those requesting IT resources and orchestrating all of the tools required for enterprise agility, resulting in increased agility and minimized risk across Multiple Cloud environments.  Everything is integrated ‘out-of-the-box’ for rapid time to value.


Intelligent analytics


Optimise multi-cloud costs with discovery, analytics and clean up

Governance and control


Assure predictable control for IT using fine-grained policy driven app templates

Multi-cloud automation and development


Accelerate developer workflow with industry leading integrations

Simplified production and operations


Boost IT agility with app modernization across bare metal, VM and containers


Liquid Platform massively reduces the time spent in other tools by pulling common tasks into a single interface built for speed and simplicity.  It also provides everything to manage apps from start to finish and easily move from Dev to Test to Production.  

Assured rapid time-to-value


Get started quickly with >80 out-of-the box integrations.

Maximize agility


Deploy app stacks that mix bare metal, VMs, and containers across on-premise and cloud deployments.

Minimize risk and maximize security


Single system of record so customers don’t lose time, money, and innovation.



Reduce cloud costs by 30% with discovery and guided rightsizing.



Enable CI/CD with integration into DevOps tool chains.


day2 support

Support Day 2 Ops like monitoring, logs, backup, and scaling.

Who is this for?

  • Infrastructure & Ops: Standardised management and governance, providing better control and service level assurance across a heterogeneous mix of disconnected cloud platforms and tools.
  • Developers: Greater agility and flexibility with self-service app deployment. Liquid Platform provides full-fidelity application programming interface (API)/command line interface (CLI), plus blueprinting and automation engine to accelerate app modernisation.
  • Business teams: Compliance assurance and better visibility and rightsizing of brownfields. It also includes a comprehensive reporting and policy engine for new workloads.


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