Flexible networks that bend to your needs

Data Centre Connect

Connects your business to the most extensive list of major data centres in Singapore.

Cloud Connect

Private connections between data centres and leading cloud service providers.


Simplifies connectivity


Seamlessly connects and move data between multiple data centres and leading cloud services to enable hybrid cloud environment. Enjoy peace of mind with consistent network performance and SLA assurance.

Greater network control


Centralized management and control of network via a secure and intuitive web portal, access anytime, from anywhere. Experience greater efficiency with scheduled bandwidth on demand.

Enhanced performance


Greater security, reliability and lower latency assured with traffic between the data centres and public clouds delivered over Singtel's resilient private network.


Seamless and secure managed connectivity

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Access to more than 25 key data centres in Singapore and leading public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Alibaba cloud.

Secure and superior network performance

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Mission-critical data is transmitted over our dedicated carrier-grade Ethernet network with up to 100% service level availability.

Centralized network management


Manage network through a secure web portal which allows network connection and change to be made anytime, from anywhere.

Usage-based billing

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Billing modes come with monthly contracts and per hour charges. One time or recurrent bandwidth upgrades can be scheduled up to 12 weeks in advance. Additional bandwidth can be provisioned within minutes to meet business needs.

Compared with traditional connectivity