The future of networks

In the fast-growing Asia region, businesses are seeking to build flexiblility and resiliency into their business models. This is so that they can rapidly bring about advancements and fulfil future aspirations. These are also key requirements when it comes to choosing network connectivity for data centres and cloud deployments.

Singtel SD-Connect brings major data centres and cloud services in Asia on a single platform. Through a secure and intuitive portal, you gain full visibility of your network behaviour and the ability to programme an autonomous network. Have total control and flexibility to build a network that can address all your business needs.


Faster speed to market

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A single platform that offers quick and easy access to major data centres and leading public cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

Flexible terms

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Improve cost efficiency with more flexibility through a consumption-based model to support any cloud requirements.

More control of your network

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Enjoy centralised network management with network visibility via a secure, intuitive portal. Add new connections or scale-on-demand in near real-time.

Actionable insights

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A network that turns high-definition data into actionable network insights for improved accuracy.

Foster your growth with our solutions

Whether you are establishing or expanding your critical business centres across Asia Pacific Region, our single platform unites major data centres and cloud services seamlessly across Singapore and Hong Kong. This enables you to build an agile and flexible network that can meet your current and future business demands, and foster your growth in Asia. 


Hong Kong's connectivity and service-rich ecosystem


Leverage our enterprise network expertise in Singapore


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Why Singtel

Local presence, global capability

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Leverage our service-rich eco-system covering Asia. Use our global expertise to design, deliver and manage your network from end-to-end.

One-stop provider

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Leading network with strong local knowledge and presence to deliver end-to-end ICT services.



Navigate challenging business landscapes with a software-defined cloud-centric network that scales, moves and grows with your business transformation needs.

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