The world’s first fully autonomous SD-WAN compatible private network

Singtel Software-Defined Core (SD-CORE), a Liquid Infrastructure™ service, leverages the world’s first fully autonomous software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) to combine the reliability of a private network with business Internet, enabling enterprises to have the best of both worlds in terms of quality and affordability.


Ensures high reliability


Delivers the predictable performance and reliability that enterprises need to take full advantage of SaaS.

Delivers high redundancy


Provides enterprise-grade reliability with real-time autonomous routing and self-healing and cloud services for business innovation.

Boosts network performance


Eliminates jitter and latency variance associated with the Internet and transforms a “poor performing” Internet backbone into a QOS network with PoP to PoP SLA guarantees.

Increase enterprise agility


Dynamically scales bandwidth on demand in real time and instantiates a dedicated global QoS private network within minutes to respond to changing connectivity needs.

Better network control


Integrates the overlay and underlay to provide customers with better control and visibility over the network.

Ease of management


Software-defined network delivers network automation that eases the burden of managing your network.


High performing autonomous private network


Autonomous routing and self-healing ensures high reliability and redundancy. Traffic is rerouted in real time (<150ms).

Next-gen on-demand service


Bandwidth can be spun up within minutes and our flexible usage models give you options on how you want to be charged.

Network visibility


Dashboard provides visibility on loss, latency, jitter, utilisation, user access and traffic flows. It also allows for micro-segmentation of applications.

Close proximity to cloud providers


Built close to cloud PoPs and co-located with major cloud nodes, giving enhanced connectivity to cloud and SaaS.

Fully compatible with existing solutions


Works with major SD-WAN and networking router vendors and existing solutions.

Enables smooth transition


Enables phased transition from private networks to a cost-effective QoS alternative.

Use Cases

Enhancing the performance of the SD-WAN

Boosts the performance of your SD-WAN to enable the use of the Internet to carry time-sensitive or mission-critical traffic with a high level of assurance backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Lower the total cost of ownership of back up circuits

Replacing your MPLS backup links with SD-CORE will lower the total cost of ownership of your backup network due to its volumetric scheme.

Optimising the performance of cloud services

Full interoperability and seamless integration with any cloud or SaaS application helps you gain better and faster access to cloud services.

Better experience and performance for time or burst-sensitive traffic

Minimise network variations for better performance of applications such as video conferencing, Voice over IP and IoT applications.

Who is this for?

  • Enterprises with cloud and Software-as-a-Service deployments on their Wide Area Networks (WAN) 
  • Businesses looking for a compatible private network connectivity that can serve as a reliable alternative to the Internet
  • Businesses that need Quality of Service (QoS) network paths to connect SD-WAN enabled offices, data centres and public and private clouds

Why Singtel?

Reach and scale in Asia Pacific


Largest IP VPN network in Asia with domestic connections even in remote cities; Deep integration with domestic networks in Australia, China, India and Singapore; Strong Internet network in ASEAN through partnerships with in-country service providers

Secure by design


Network solutions that are designed to be secure; A comprehensive three-phased approach to network security that is protective, proactive and predictive; A comprehensive portfolio of security solutions via Trustwave, a Singtel company, as well as an ecosystem of industry-leading security partners.

One-stop expertise for your connectivity needs


Convenience of a one-stop service so enterprises do not have to liaise with multiple parties to meet their connectivity requirements; Single point of contact with SLA, a dedicated 24x7 helpdesk and a network management portal for faster fault resolution; 4,000 ICT professionals to help design, deploy and manage a cost-effective and reliable network.