Monitor OT and IoT cybersecurity in real-time

If you own and operate Operational Technologies, you need cybersecurity for your critical infrastructure and legacy systems. Our purpose-built OT and IoT solutions can help you comply with cybersecurity regulations.


One step ahead


Stay ahead of threats with comprehensive visibility into your environment.

Protect from business disruptions


Correlate and contextualise data from disparate solutions for enhanced threat detection.

Always ready


Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities ensures that you are ready to respond to any threat.



Real-time alerts


Receive real-time alerting of OT cyber security incidents.

Purpose-built solutions


Solutions catered to OT environments’ unique requirements and legacy systems.

Unified console


Network and host monitoring within SCADA environments via a single threat management dashboard.

Who is this for?

  • Businesses that own and operate Operational Technologies and equipment or critical infrastructure
  • Businesses that are required to comply to regulatory mandates


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