Identify major security threats in real-time before they escalate

Singtel One gives you a big-picture view of security threats by monitoring physical devices and processes, applying data fusion to seemingly disparate security events. It is ideal for organisations with large, programmable logic control assets in the areas of transportation (e.g.traffic control, air traffic control, railways) utilities, essential business and smart buildings.


Network baseline and anomaly detection

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Generates an OT network baseline to perform real-time monitoring and anomaly detection. Continuous, non-invasive asset discovery. Risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities.

Firmware monitoring

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Monitors activities in the data-and control-planes to deliver deep visibility into OT-specific devices.

Host monitoring

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Monitors endpoints for anomalous behaviour and provides visibility into endpoint activity and working processes.



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Comprehensive visibility into your network environment.


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Correlate and contextualise data from dispirate solutions for enhanced threat detection.


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Managing made easier via a unified console and single pane of glass.

24/7 protection

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Enjoy continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities.


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Rich visualisation and advanced analytics.

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