Fall Detection

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Sensors collect only non-personally identifiable information and can be placed in locations where privacy is a key concern.

Highly accurate

Minimise false alarms and improve operational efficiencies with highly-sensitive fall detection capabilities.

Hassle-free set up

Deploy quickly with one-time installation and calibration of sensors.


Dashboard and analytics

Track data in real-time and view historical reports on a single dashboard.

Automated alerts

Trigger automated alerts in order for caregivers or key personnel to respond to falls promptly.

Integration with 3rd party apps

Add features by integrating third party applications with REST APIs.

How it works


Hospitals and nursing homes

Reduce manpower while ensuring patient safety at all times.

Automatically detect falls in critical areas which are require close supervision.

Facility management

Ensuring safety of people at all times.

Respond quickly to falls in handicap washrooms.


Reduce manpower while ensuring patient safety at all times.

Be notified of sudden falls in private living areas or toilets.

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