Presence Detection

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Hassle-free set up

One-time set up of radars that covers a large area.

More energy savings

Sensor automatically switches to energy-saving configuration when no occupants are detected.

Improve asset utilisation

Resources such as meeting rooms can automatically made available for booking when there are no occupants.

Improve operational efficiency

Use data collected to improve scheduling efficiency for activities such as cleaning, and housekeeping.

Safety and security

Monitor secure areas for unauthorised access or suspicious objects. Detect human presence in the event of an evacuation.


Sensors collect only non-personally identifiable information and can be placed in locations where privacy is a key concern.


Dashboard and analytics

Track data in real-time and view historical reports on a single dashboard.

Automated alerts

Trigger automated alerts in the event of intrusions and other pre-defined events.

Integration with 3rd party apps

Add features by integrating third party applications with REST APIs.

How it works



Improve customer experience and save on energy consumption

Hotel rooms can automatically switch to energy-saving mode when guests leave their rooms. Deploy housekeeping staff when guests have left their rooms. 

Facilities management

Maintain hygiene standards and optimise manpower resources

Track washroom occupancy and allocate necessary manpower for cleaning accordingly. 

Office buildings

Optimise resources and increase energy savings

Detect meeting room occupancy and release rooms for booking when the room is unoccupied. Automatically turn lights on or off based on occupancy. 

Financial services

Enhanced security

Identify tampered ATMs and automatically trigger alerts when suspicious objects like skimmers are detected. 

Security operations

Enhanced workplace safety 

Scan for human presence in highly-secured areas, or in the event of an evacuation. 

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