Singtel Video Analytics is an IP-based camera system uses surveillance and business intelligence data, maximising retailers’ in-store video investment. The solution provides in-depth analysis on shoppers' habits with audience profiling and facial recognition capabilities, which also trigger alerts when security is compromised.


Increase sales

Place ads and promotion strategically with insights from customers' in-store behaviour.

Improve business gains

Develop more effective sales and marketing campaigns by analysing in-store data.

Make better business decisions

Measure sales performance across multiple stores for faster and more accurate business decision making. 

Quick threat detection

Receive immediate notification via mobile when an intrusion is dectected.

Optimise manpower resource

Use insights gathered from in-store traffic to schedule when to deploy more resources.


Audience profiling

Measure in-store traffic and breakdown of customer demographics with face indexing.

Track customer journey

Improve product placement by tracking customers' in-store journey and identify customer hotspots.

Intrusion detection

Define high security zones and receive alerts if there are intruders detected in these regions.

Camera tampering

Receive alerts when camera views are obstructed.

How it works


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