IoT Visual Intelligence

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Track accurately in real-time

Detect and verify multiple persons in real-time.

Optimise manpower resources

Reduce manpower resources, without compromising on security.

Improve business performance

Analyse audience profiles for more insight to develop effective marketing campaigns.

Easily scalable

Easy to implement, maintain and deploy at scale with simple hardware setup.

Ease of integration

Integrates with other applications for analytics, security or physical access control.


Facial recognition

Verify the identities of multiple persons simultaneously, based on a pre-loaded database for blacklisting and whitelisting.

Facial indexing

Track regular attendees and gain insights into audience behavior. Record and store new profiles for audience profiling.

Audience profiling

Segment customer base by age group, gender and frequency of visits using facial indexing.

Object and gesture recognition

Identify objects and human gestures through machine learning.

Intrusion detection

Define high security zones and receive alerts in the event of unauthorised access.

Real-time alerts

Receive notifications instantly when an intrusion is detected.




Events management

Office building


Other IoT solutions

Fleet Manager

Effective tracking, better operations management.

Workforce Manager

Full visibility of your workforce.

Industry solutions

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