A more efficient way for your team to stay connected over smartphones

 Connected Workforce adds push-to-talk functions to your team’s smartphones, facilitating seamless coordination and eliminating the need to buy additional walkie-talkie devices.


Better team co-ordination


Speed up team communication with real-time, single-touch PTT voice calls and instant multi-channel broadcasting.

Manage multiple teams


Create multiple work groups and conversations to enhance collaboration.

Better control


Greater visibility of your team with real-time location, location history, call recordings and call history using an online control portal.


Push-to-Talk (PTT) instant communication

small remote

Push a button to initiate instant 1-to-1 or Group PTT calls over 3G, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi.

Seamless multimedia

small tv

Send photos and videos for incident reporting.

Centralised control

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Initiate PTT calls, broadcast messages, manage channels and set users’ priority level using a password-protected login.

Location tracking and task dispatch

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Track your team’s real-time location; assign tasks and allocate resources more efficiently.

Geo-fencing and alerts

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Set virtual boundaries and assign staff for each zone. Get alerted when users go out of their boundaries