A one-touch solution that helps businesses adhere to DNC requirements.

With the strict regulations in place under the PDPA regulatory act, organisations are required to comply strictly to the do-not-call (DNC) registry list. Compared to manual, fixed-line or app solutions, Singtel DNC enables compliance via a seamless user experience on mobile.


Increased mobility for customer outreach


Unlike DNC solutions in the market, Singtel DNC supports calls via native mobile numbers along with mobile number portability.

Seamless user experience


With no additional steps, automated real-time DNC checks will be made directly upon pressing your mobile phone's call button.


Real-time update of DNC checking


Easily update your organisation's white-list or black list, along with real-time updates of the DNC checking results, from the DNC registry.

Automated DNC checking


Make calls from your native mobile number and from any location, without the need for an additional app.

Automated call recording


Monitor and manage customer experience, while complying with rules and regulations.

Supports 30-day validity period


No duplicated DNC checks will occur if the mobile number issued within the 30-day validity period falls.

Reporting feature


Keep track and manage your organisation's call history and DNC transaction ID from PDPC.

Increased mobility


Supports mobile portability. Make calls via a native mobile number.

Who is this for?

Businesses with the need for strong customer engagements, such as financial institutions and real estate agents etc., but are required to comply to PDPA regulatory requirements.

Businesses that wish to enhance dispute resolution pertaining to PDPA DNC regulations.

How to sign up

Simply add Singtel’s DNC solution to your existing BRN/CES lines or apply for new BRN/CES lines with the Singtel DNC service.