Generate, send and verify One-Time-Passwords from one platform

Secure customer data with an API-driven OTP solution. Generate, transmit, and validate OTPs seamlessly while optimising costs.

Simple API Solution: Start creating, sending, and validating one-time passwords swiftly. Simplify security with a tailored end-to-end solution in just days.

Consolidate and Save: Combine OTP verification and SMS charges for instant cost savings. Opt for an all-in-one OTP solution to save time and money. 

Build Trust Through Security: Have confidence in your business security with a ISO27001 & ISO27018 certified platform.

Financial Instituitions:

A major bank strengthens security with OTP (One-Time Password) authentication via SMS during calls, enabling access to the IVR for card-related tasks. This enhancement improves security, efficiency, and scalability for monthly credit card user onboarding.

Furthermore, OTP integration into transactional SMS ensures consistent online security and customer experiences.


Enhance your emails with SMS

Send SMS seamlessly through Outlook with a customisable interface. Achieve higher open and response rates by integrating SMS for faster message visibility.

Add SMS to your Emails: Empower your team with SMS when emails fall short. Prompt action from your team by using SMS for quicker message visibility..

Password Protected Access: Manage who has access and protect your data with gated access to send SMS from Outlook - create extra security with integrated SSO.

Make Sending SMS Simple: Provide your teams with branded templates and distribution lists to make sending the important messages quick and simple.

Customise Your Experience: Maintain brand consistency through a customisable User Interface. Modify workflows effortlessly as needed.


Healthcare organisations can benefit greatly from delivering operational messages to frontline staff, such as nurses, through Outlook. This approach significantly reduces administrative burden, enhances communication efficiency, and boosts reach and engagement.

Outlook streamlines communication processes by leveraging dedicated email addresses, distribution lists, templates, and read-tracking features.

This results in heightened overall efficiency and improved patient care.

Send bulk SMS messages without losing the personal touch

Elevate your communication strategy and captivate your audience with every message sent with customised and engaging bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS helps foster instant connections with your entire audience: With an average open rate of 98%, you can tap into the power of SMS at scale with our easy-to-create mass texting service.. 

Mass text messaging that puts people first: Deepen your connection with simple SMS personalization. For example, automatically including recipients' first names without manual effort. 

Scale your business and extend your reach with bulk SMS: Boost your businesses' reach with effective mass texting.


In the fast moving world of transportation industry, companies employ rapid internal communication through bulk SMS, facilitating swift information sharing among teams and stakeholders during critical moments. It also extends to promptly notify at-risk individuals, ensuring that crucial messages reach their intended recipients without delay.

This approach enhances crisis management and underscores the company's commitment to safety and communication excellence.