360° Security for Point-To-Point Enterprise Communications

CyphreLink is a fully-managed solution that enables global 360° data security for sensitive and proprietary information between trusted end points. Operating as an over-the-top application, CyphreLink provides invulnerable encryption for data-in-transit, network certificates and encryption keys. 



data centres

Advanced hardware-based encryption reduces attack surfaces and man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) exposure, which lowers the possibility to malicious code infection or vulnerabilities.


data centres

Robust data protection over different types of network infrastructure with ultra low overhead and minimum latency.

Operation efficiency

data centres

Specialised Network Operation Centre provides constant monitoring and operation services for peace of mind.


Dedicated security engine


Dedicated security engine to offload cryptographic operations outside of accessible host CPU and system memory.

Seamless integration


Seamless access, transmission and retrieval of data across satellite, fixed and wireless networks with trusted third-party connections, as well as open networks.

Centralised key orchestration control


A centralised Certificate Authority to generate, manage, store, use, and replace or renew encryption keys.

End-to-end encryption


Proprietary BlackTIE® technology provides enhanced protection on encryption key. End-to-end encryption tunneling maintains data integrity across any network and ensures operational uptime.

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