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Singtel WorldConference™ offers powerful options for simultaneous multi-party communication over the phone, PC or laptop. Integrate Singtel WorldConference™ WeShare with Singtel WorldConference™  WeTalk for full web conferencing capabilities.

Singtel WorldConference™ WeTalk

Singtel WorldConference™ WeTalk lets you easily set up business conference calls for up to 150 participants without pre-booking, backed by 24x7 operator support and access options for more than 80 countries. 

Moderator and participant PINs

secure conference calls

Robust identification protocols ensure security.

International direct-dial and toll-free access numbers

business conference call

Available in more than 80 countries and areas.

Smartphone access

conference call from smartphones

Download the WorldConference SmartMeet app from iTunes App Store or Google Play to join conferences from your smartphone.

Conference management options

world conference

Download the WorldConference desktop client to record conference for playback and recordkeeping.



Available for moderator and participant lines.

24/7 operator support


Get assistance whenever you need to.

Singtel WorldConference™ WeShare

Singtel WorldConference™ WeShare hosts virtual meetings and facilitates online collaboration by sharing screens, documents and applications in realtime.

File sharing


Real-time viewing of presentations. Easy demonstrations via desktop sharing.

Multi-language in-portal support


Welcome participants with a wide choice of languages.

Easy identification of participants


Matches audio with individual web connections to identify participants.

Privacy controls


Public and private chat windows for communicating with participants.

Instant call-back


Activate a call-back to a conference with just one click.

Smartphone access


Download the WorldConference SmartMeet app from iTunes App Store or Google Play to join conferences from your smartphone.

Singtel WorldConference™ Event

Singtel WorldConference Event is a professional, operator-assisted web conferencing service. A team of event managers guides you through the conference setup process and administration, so you can focus on communicating to your audience.

Event manager consultation


Direct contact with the event manager through a separate communication line.

Advance scheduling


Available for events on specific dates and times.

Event recording


Instant playback or saving as a .WAV file.

Follow-up communication


Access the event participant list for follow-up.

Secure access PIN codes


Control participants’ access to confidential meetings, or expedite your participants’ entry into the calls by having them join using an automated process or passcode.

Interactive polling


Conduct Q&A and polling sessions.


Accommodate participants from around the world


Toll and toll-free access numbers available in over 80 countries.

Simple to manage


Comprehensive online user portal and moderator control panel to manage conferences and send invitations to new participants anytime during a conference.

Seamless service


24x7 customer service support for both business conference call moderators and participants.

Collaboration on the go


Start or join in conferences from anywhere using your iOS or Android device.

Easy to share

big squared plus

Download the WorldConference SmartMeet app from iTunes App Store or Google Play to join conferences from your smartphone.

Customised assistance


WorldConference Event provides you with an event manager to arrange on-demand replay, Q&A sessions and event recording.

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