Why is DDoS a serious threat?

DDoS can cause disruption to your network and service availability, which is critical in business operations with the rise of technology adoption. Given the ease and cheap cost of launching a DDoS attack, it remains the favourite tool for cyber criminals.


Business disruptions

Disruption of network services result in denial of access to business services and halt in daily business functions.

Loss in productivity

DDoS attack results in time and resources spent in investigating the cause and extent of data breach.


Loss of reputation

Disruption on key business services may result in financial loss as well as loss of trust and loyalty from customers.


Keep your network services running 24/7

Enhance your network infrastructure security against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Detect threats quickly through proactive monitoring and detection for disruptions, as well as automatic mitigation for sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Price plan

DDoS Basic

Up to 10Gbps of mitigation




per month


Proactive monitoring and detection

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Provide real-time proactive monitoring of internet traffic. When abnormalities are detected, our Trustwave Advanced Security Operations Centre (ASOC) will notify you within the stipulated time frame.

Automatic mitigation

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Redirect your traffic and re-inject filtered traffic with minimal involvement from you - eliminates impact on service performance.

Fully managed cloud-based solution

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Monitor, detect, validate and mitigate with an end-to-end cloud-based solution from a single provider.


High network availability and performance

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Ensure high availability and protection of corporate data with early warning of DDoS attacks or any Internet traffic abnormalities.

Resistance to large-volume attacks

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Handle multi-gigabyte DDoS attacks and keep your network well-defended.

Business continuity

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Helps you identify and block potential cyber attacks, while permitting legitimate traffic to pass during a suspected DDoS attack.

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