Say goodbye to bulky traditional tracking devices and unstable connectivity. Track all your assets securely and reliably with IoT devices that are small in size and operate on lower power networks like NB-IoT.

Industry challenges

Large tracking device


Traditional tracking devices on GSM/UMTS/LTE networks consume large amounts of power and require large batteries.

Unstable network connections


Traditional tracking devices may experience connectivity issues due to network congestion during peak hours.

Short battery life


Most traditional tracking devices have a short battery life as they operate on a network that requires more power.

IoT solutions

Partner with Singtel to address your industry challenges with our next-gen connectivity, intelligence prediction solution and application enablement platform, tailored to your business needs.

Use cases

Explore the possibilities of IoT

Bike sharing

Making sharing services accessible, 24/7

Fleet telematics

Proactive fleet management

Security monitoring

Making surveillance easy and reliable