Remotely track and manage your fleet location, usage and operations efficiently with fleet telematics. Detect potential issues before they occur, perform crash reconstruction, maximise fleet usage and reduce overall maintenance costs with an intelligent fleet management IoT solution.

Industry challenges

Productivity loss due to vehicle breakdowns


Vehicles breakdown due to unforeseen faults not detected during scheduled maintenance can lead to decrease in productivity and potentially higher repair costs which could have been avoided with intelligent fleet telematics.

Lack of driver supervision


The lack of insights into driver patterns and behaviour means no visibility into the vehicles wear and tear which could potentially be hidden cost incurred in fleet maintenance.

Poor vehicle optimisation


Without data of fleet usage, businesses are unable to fully utilise vehicles in order to optimise operations efficiently and maximise ROI.

IoT solutions

Partner with Singtel to address your industry challenges with our next-gen connectivity, intelligence prediction solution and application enablement platform, tailored to your business needs.

Use cases

Explore the possibilities of IoT

Security monitoring

Making surveillance easy and reliable

Smart buildings

Unify systems and simplify facilities management

Smart smoke detection

Integrated fire safety devices, enhanced fire protection