Simplify facilities management with a unified building management system that connects multi-vendor devices seamlessly across the network with IoT.

Industry challenges

High operation and maintenance cost

high operation

With devices and protocols running on different systems, facilities managers are required to monitor and manage all systems in silos. From understanding the know-how of every equipment to engaging different maintenance vendors, operations and manpower costs are high.

Decentralised information sharing


As systems are independently operated, data collection is scattered and there is no means to perform analysis and derive insight that can improve operational efficiency.

Outdated systems prone to security breach


With traditional systems running on old, unpatched software that frequently communicates using non-standard protocols, this (increases security risk OR poses as a security threat) as malicious activities are much harder to detect.

IoT solutions

Partner with Singtel to address your industry challenges with our next-gen connectivity and application enablement platform, tailored to your business needs.

Use cases

Explore the possibilities of IoT

Smart smoke detection

Integrated fire safety devices, enhanced fire protection

Smart logistics

Get better visibility into your operations

Smart parking

Relieve congestions, ensure efficiency