From warehousing operations to supply chain management, IoT enables you to gain visibility of the movement and status of goods at all stages of the logistics journey.

Industry challenges

High consumption, short battery life


Traditional logistics solutions use GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE + GPS location technology which consume large amount of power and have a short battery lifespan of approximately 7-10 days.

Lack of traceability

Lack of traceability

Without a complete view of where goods are along the logistics supply chain, there is an increase chance of unauthorised cross-regional sales, goods misplacement and theft.

Tracking limitations


Temperature, humidity and location sensing cannot be reported in real-time for goods such as cold food and medicine making it difficult to ensure quality assurance.

IoT solutions

Partner with Singtel to address your industry challenges with our next-gen connectivity, intelligence prediction solution and application enablement platform, tailored to your business needs.

Use cases

Explore the possibilities of IoT

Smart parking

Relieve congestions, ensure efficiency

Smart street lighting

Powering energy-efficient smart cities

Usage based insurance

Save cost by driving safely