Leverage IoT solutions such as low power wide area networks and wireless smart sensors for energy-efficient and cost-effective street light management. Data gathered from these smart street lighting IoT sensors can also be utilised to monitor environments, highlight safety issues, and form the infrastructure of a smart city network that benefits citizens.

Industry challenges

High energy consumption


Traditional street lights are managed in clusters, while timer-based street lightings cannot sense weather changes. They continue to consume energy even when lighting is not required in certain areas, as they cannot be controlled individually.

High operations and maintenance cost


Without smart sensors that trigger notifications when lights are faulty, traditional street lights have to be inspected, managed and maintained manually, adding to operation and maintenance costs.

Outdated technology limits potential


Outdated proprietary SCADA technologies in street lights cannot be integrated with IoT sensors/applications, limiting its ability to be part of a sustainable smart cities network.

IoT solutions

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Use cases

Usage based insurance

Save cost by driving safely

Utilities metering

Boost energy efficiency

Asset tracking

Reliable tracking anytime, anywhere