Telematics usage-based vehicle insurance aligns driving behaviours with premium rates for auto insurance. Unlike traditional vehicle insurance, usage-based insurance premiums changes dynamically with the drivers’ risk. Using IoT telemetry to collect data on car usage, both insurer and driver can be assured of impartial pricing.

Industry challenges

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud

Insurance providers lack information to ascertain the validity of an insurance claim. This could lead to drivers and workshops filing fraudulent claims.

Long claims process

Long claims process

The lengthy claims processes to ascertain the validity of an insurance claim result in negative customer experience.

Delayed feedback

Delayed feedback

Traditional vehicle insurers are unable to provide real-time feedback to encourage better driving behaviour.

IoT solutions

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Use cases

Explore the possibilities of IoT

Utilities metering

Boost energy efficiency

Asset tracking

Reliable tracking anytime, anywhere

Bike sharing

Making sharing services accessible, 24/7