Optimise energy distribution and give consumers reliable insights into their power, gas and water consumption with smart metering IoT solutions. Reduce overall operation cost and improve efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Industry challenges

High manpower costs


Manpower is required to perform regular checks and maintenance on traditional meters. This results in higher operation costs, greater possibilities of human error in reporting, and reduces efficiency.

Disputes over usage


Usage data from traditional meters cannot be obtained in a timely and accurate manner, making it difficult to settle bill disputes.

Difficulties accessing meter


Many meters, especially those in in older buildings are located within the building and in areas difficult to access. This causes delays and inefficiencies in obtaining readings.

IoT solutions

Partner with Singtel to address your industry challenges with our next-gen connectivity and application enablement platform, tailored to your business needs.

Singtel IoT Connectivity

Singtel Application Enablement

Use cases

Asset tracking

Reliable tracking anytime, anywhere

Bike sharing

Making sharing services accessible, 24/7

Fleet telematics

Proactive fleet management