Q. Will I be charged Roaming SMS traffic when I am roaming overseas with SMS Plus features activated?

A. Auto-replied SMSes, Diverted SMSes and Copied SMSes are sent and charged as local SMSes, so there are no roaming charges. These SMSes will be deducted from your Mobile Plan SMS bundle. However, if you have copied or diverted your SMS to a foreign (overseas) mobile number, prevailing Global SMS traffic charges will apply.

Global SMS charges also apply if you activate your SMS Plus service overseas via SMS or WAP. You can avoid Global SMS charges if you activate your SMS Plus via the Ideas Portal.

Q. I have activated both SMS Copy Incoming and Outgoing, how will the traffic be charged?

A. Yes, if Originating Short Messaging is supported by the overseas GSM operator. Please also check that your mobile phone is pre-set with the correct Singtel Mobile Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) number. Roaming charges may apply depending on the overseas operator.

Q. Who is eligible to sign up for SMS Plus?

A. All Singtel Mobile postpaid customers are eligible.

Note: The service may not work for numbers ported over from other mobile operators.

Q. What happens if I have activated SMS Plus Out-of-Office / Divert / Copy and have forgotten to turn it off?

A. Your activated feature will continue to be active until you turn it off.

Q. Are there any charges for turning off the features?

A. No, turning off each feature is free of charge.

Q. Will I need to activate the features after I have subscribed?

A. Yes, subscribing just allows you an unlimited number of activations. You still need to activate the desired feature(s).

Q. What kind of SMS is not applicable to the SMS Plus Service?

A. The service does not apply to the following types of SMS:

  • Premium SMS (e.g. SMS for donations, SMS from paid services, etc.).
  • SMS sent from short-codes.
  • SMS sent with alphanumeric sender field

Q. Can I divert/copy an SMS to a fixed line?

A. No.

Q. Can I divert/copy an SMS to a foreign number?

A. Yes. Prevailing Global SMS traffic charges apply.

Q. If I've set SMS Divert to Party B, and Party B has set SMS Copy to Party C, what will happen?

A. Your SMS will be diverted to Party B, but will not copy to Party C. A diverted or copied SMS cannot be copied or diverted again.

Q. When an SMS is diverted/copied to an email, can the recipient reply to that email?

A. No.

Q. Can the service work if I turn on the SMS Delivery Report feature on my phone?

A. No.

Q. Can I use this service if my mobile number is ported over from another mobile service provider?

A. No.

Q. Can I terminate my line anytime? Is there any penalty?

A. There is a minimum subscription period of 3 months. In case of early termination before 3 months is up, 3 months' subscription will still be billed. Normal pro-rated billing charges apply if the service is terminated after the 3rd month.