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Access or share your photos, videos, music and documents online anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone(s) and/or computer(s)! With Singtel Store & Share, you can easily synchronise all your files and back up your mobile contacts to the cloud. Plus, all Singtel Mobile customers enjoy 2GB of free Store & Share online storage space. 



  • Easy  – Access and share your files anytime, anywhere
  • Worry-free  – Easily back up your mobile contacts and synchronise your files using Store & Share
  • Secure  – Enjoy encrypted data transfers via our secure local data centre

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  • Access from Anywhere

    • Access your files anywhere, anytime across multiple devices.
  • Secure Storage and Fast Transfers

    • Protect your precious memories and files with encrypted data transfers via Singtel’s secure local data centre.
    • Enjoy quicker uploading and downloading of large files (including videos) at full local speed.
  • Easy Sharing

    • Use Public Share to share your photos or files via Facebook, Twitter and email.
    • Use Private Share for better personal file management.
  • Play Media Files Online

    • Stream music and videos online without the need to copy files to your different devices.
    • Easily access and view pictures online as a slideshow.
  • Synchronise all Your Files

    • Synchronise all your files easily across the mobile app, web portal and desktop drive.
  • On-the-go Mobile Sync

    • Automatically sync your photos and videos to Store & Share.
    • Back up your mobile contacts easily with just one click and easily transfer your contacts to a new phone.


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