Clearvoice FAQ

Why should I take up 4G ClearVoice? What are the benefits of 4G ClearVoice service?
4G ClearVoice enables you to enjoy crystal clear quality and super-fast call set-up in less than 2 seconds on every 4G call over Singapore’s nationwide ultrafast 4G network. This voice service is delivered based on Voice over LTE technology and is fully integrated with your current voice service.
Which price plans are eligible for 4G ClearVoice?
4G ClearVoice is available on all Combo mobile plans, SIM Only Plans and Easy Mobile Plans on supported handsets. Calls made between two parties on supported handsets will experience crystal clear voice quality and super-fast call setup at less than 2s.
What are the charges for 4G ClearVoice?
4G ClearVoice is currently free (no monthly subscription) for customers on eligible price plans with 4G VAS.
4G voice minutes are billed at the same rate as your current voice rates. Minutes of usage will be deducted from your price plan bundle and if any, additional talktime Add-Ons. Excess talktime will be charged at the rate of 16.05 cents per minute.
No local data will be deducted from your data allowance for the use of 4G ClearVoice.
Will 4G ClearVoice calls use data from my bundled data allowance?
4G VAS is required to access the 4G network. No data will be deducted from your bundled data allowance for the use of 4G ClearVoice.
Which handsets are supported? / Is my handset supported?

4G ClearVoice description: For handsets that support 4G ClearVoice, please refer to the Supported Handsets section. The handsets includes:

  • LG G3 Beat
  • LG G3 LTE
  • Samsung GALAXY Note 3
  • Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+
  • Samsung GALAXY Note Edge 4G+
  • Samsung GALAXY S6 4G+
  • Samsung GALAXY S6 edge 4G+
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
  • Apple iPhone 6s
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Singtel customers who use the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 will be the first to enjoy 4G ClearVoice. A software update is needed to allow the handset to support VoLTE calls. New GALAXY Note 3 handsets sold from 31 May will come with the update installed. The software update will be progressively sent to existing GALAXY Note 3 users over-the-air between 31 May and end of June 2014.

Do I need to change SIM to use 4G ClearVoice?
As long as you are using a supported handset on an eligible price plan with 4G VAS, you do not need to change your SIM card. Both parties on the call must be using a supported handset.
I am a Multi-SIM Customer. Can I use 4G ClearVoice?
We’re sorry, Multi-SIM customers are not able to enjoy this service. To enjoy 4G ClearVoice on your handset, please sign up for additional MobileShare line for your secondary device(s).
Can I choose which calls are 4G ClearVoice- or VoLTE-enabled on my device? How do I turn on/off 4G ClearVoice?

Depending on the make of your handset, you may go to your phone settings and check "Use VoLTE whenever available" to turn on VoLTE. With nationwide 4G coverage, you will now enjoy clear 4G ClearVoice calls by default. Where 4G coverage is unavailable, your calls will be made in the 3G network.

To enable / disable VoLTE service:

  • SONY Devices: Setting > More > Mobile Network > Toggle the 'Enable VoLTE' checkbox.
  • LG Devices: Setting > More > Mobile Network > Toggle the 'VoLTE' checkbox.
  • Apple iPhone: Settings > Cellular > Toggle 'Enable 4G' to 'Voice & Data' or 'Data-Only'.
  • Samsung Devices: Not possible to toggle VoLTE OFF, but by setting to 'Use VoLTE whenever available', the outgoing calls will be normal 3G voice call.
What happens when I am moving from 4G coverage to 3G coverage?
Your voice call will be continued in the 3G network.
Is 4G ClearVoice available when roaming?
4G ClearVoice is currently not available while roaming.
Can I take up 4G ClearVoice on MobileShare?
Yes. As long as your main plan is any of the prevailing mobile price plan (Combo plans or Super Lite/Lite/Value/Plus/Prestige) with 4G service, you may request to add 4G ClearVoice to your MobileShare line. 4G ClearVoice is only available on supported VoLTE handsets.
Does VoLTE/4G ClearVoice support Colour-me-Tones?
Colour-Me-Tones is not supported on VoLTE.
Will Missed call alerts be supported for 4G ClearVoice?
Yes, missed call alerts are supported for 4G ClearVoice customers. You will still receive a missed call alert if someone tries to call you while you were unavailable.
How do I know if my Apple iPhone is VoLTE supported?
VoLTE is only supported on Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+, from iOS 9.1 onwards. User can check the iOS version via the phone settings (Settings > General > About > Version).
Does it mean that user can make VoLTE call once the phone is upgraded to iOS 9.1?
Not necessarily, because user will need to have the ‘4G ClearVoice’ profile from Singtel.This will be given to user automatically when they sign up or re-contract with Apple iPhone 6S or 6S+ in Singtel Hello! Shops or Singtel exclusive retailers.For users who purchased the phone from other sources, he/she may request for 4G ClearVoice profile via out customer care hotline (1688).
How to identify if the user is able to make a VoLTE call?

While a call is in progress, the phone stays on 4G. If the cellular connection drops to 3G when making a call, it is not a VoLTE call.

Note that unlike other Android models, Apple iPhone does not have any clear indication that it is VoLTE supported. The only way to verify is to make a call and check the network status.

Can I make / receive call from non-VoLTE models?

Calls can be made/received from any other device models, VoLTE or non-VoLTE, as per normal.

For calls made between VoLTE models, user can enjoy added benefits like fast call setup and HD voice quality.

For calls to / from non-VoLTE handsets, the VoLTE supported handset will maintain the connection at 4G, so the surfing/downloading experience will not suffer due to concurrent voice call.