DataRoam Pass

Are there any pre-requisites before I can purchase DataRoam Pass?

To use this service, you must have all of the following:

  • A Singtel Mobile Postpaid plan
  • an AutoRoam or Pay-As-You-Roam service
  • a GPRS service
Will I be charged pay per use charges if I log on to a non-preferred network?

Once you have activated the plan, you will be protected from unwanted data roaming usage and pay per use charges on a non-preferred network with Network Lock feature. Unless you disable the Network Lock feature, you would not incur any pay per use charges on a non-preferred network.

Note: To ensure that you’ve not turned off the Network Lock feature accidentally, please go to My Singtel app > Roaming > Enable Network Lock

What do I get after activating my DataRoam Pass?

The DataRoam Pass is only valid for ONE use/redemption. You will be entitled to UNLIMITED data roaming for the active date in the country you selected. This entitlement will expire at 12 midnight of the end date (Based on overseas date).
What is the validity period of DataRoam Pass before activation?
The validity period is printed on the back of the DataRoam Pass.
Will I be notified when the DataRoam Pass is expiring?

You will receive 2 alerts before the expiry of DataRoam Pass:

  • 3 hours before expiry
  • Upon expiry
I have activated my DataRoam Pass and WANT to continue using data roaming for the next day. What are my options?

You can either:

  1. Purchase & redeem another DataRoam Pass
  2. Purchase a DataRoam Saver Plan via:
    • My Singtel app
    • Dial *100# (while overseas)
    • Dial *7626 (while in Singapore) or SMS *7626 to 3333 (while overseas, roaming sms charges apply)
I have activated my DataRoam Pass and DO NOT WANT to continue data roaming for the next day. What should I do?

You may incur Pay Per Use charges if you do not have a valid data roaming plan. To avoid bill shock, you should disable data roaming by dialing *101# > Reply 2.

To continue using data roaming, please purchase a DataRoam Saver plan. After purchasing a DataRoam Saver plan, please enable data roaming by dialing *101# > Reply 1.

I am a DataRoam Saver (Monthly) user, can I purchase the DataRoam Pass?
Yes. When you activate DataRoam Pass, roaming data will be deducted from DataRoam Pass first while your data allowance for the monthly plan will be reserved for usage on the days where you do not have an active DataRoam Pass.
I am an EasyData Roam user. Can I redeem the 1 day activation via DataRoam Pass?
Sorry, DataRoam Pass is not applicable for EasyData Roam customer.
How can I redeem my DataRoam Pass?
The steps to redeem are printed on the back of the DataRoam Pass.
How many destinations are covered under DataRoam Pass? What are the destinations?

DataRoam Pass covers 10 popular destinations:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
If my pass is faulty, can I return or exchange?
You can dial 1688 (in Singapore) or +65 6235 1688 (overseas) for assistance.
What happens if I redeemed on the wrong day?
You may dial 1688 (in Singapore) or +65 6235 1688 (overseas) for assistance.
If I have accidentally over scratch the pin code and it is no longer visible. What can I do?
We are unable to determine the PIN, as such, we regret to inform that the card will not be valid.