Combo 2 Special

What is Combo 2 Special?
 Combo 2 Special is a mobile price plan specially catered for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Singapore.
Do I have to pay a SIM card and registration fee?
Yes, one-time registration fee of $10.70 and SIM card charge of $37.45 are applicable to new subscribers.
Can I terminate my Combo 2 Special at any time? Is there any penalty?
 Combo 2 Special mobile price plan is similar to Combo 2 mobile price plan which comes with a 24-month contract. Early termination charges will apply if you terminate within contract.
Who is eligible to subscribe to Lite Friends?

Before 6 July: PWDs in Singapore must present their notification letter by SG Enable for eligibility of concession card for PWDs OR application for public transport concession for PWDs letter, together with his/her NRIC in order to sign up for this mobile price plan.

Effective 6 July: PWDs who present the PWDs concession card by Transit Link Pte Ltd, or any of the above 2 notification letters with NRIC are eligible for this price plan.

Can PWDs without the PWDs concession card sign up for Combo 2 Special?
 No, PWDs have to present the PWDs concession card in order to be eligible. Please contact SG Enable (infoline: 1800 8585 885) to apply for the concession card.
: I have a VWO-specific card e.g. SAVH card and/or doctor’s certification letter to certify that I am a PWD. Why can’t these forms of certification be accepted?
As there are numerous forms to these VWO-specific cards and doctor’s certification letters, the PWDs concession card is chosen as the form of certification due to it being nationally-recognized and all-encompassing. This also helps to simplify the application procedure and increase ease of implementation by our salesfront.
Can I sign up for Combo 2 Special plan for my child who is a PWD?
Yes, you will have to produce the PWDs concession card for your child and the mobile price plan will be registered under your name.
Can I subscribe to MobileShare with Combo 2 Special plan?
Yes, you can subscribe to supplementary lines such as MobileShare with Combo 2 Special plan.
If I am on Lite Special plan and I do not recontract my line after 24 months, can I continue to enjoy the 30% discount from the 24th month onwards?
Yes, you will continue to enjoy the Lite Special benefits after 24months. However upon recontract, you are able to enjoy new Combo 2 Special benefits (if available) at that point of sign up.