Mobile Plan Discount

What is Mobile Plan Discount promotion?
As a valued subscriber of Fibre Entertainment Bundle+, you and your family are eligible to discounts on the mobile plan when you nominate their mobile lines to enroll into the promotion. Exclusively for you, nominate your mobile line as First Mobile Line(Keyline) and enjoy early handset upgrade worth $350 and 15% off v019 calls.
What is Fibre Entertainment Bundle+?
To qualify as a Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ customer, you have to be subscribed to one of Fibre Home Bundle plans and at least one of Singtel TV Pack available from 6 March 2015, a list of which can be viewed at The Fibre Home Bundle and Singtel TV subscriptions must be installed in the same address and registered under the same customer ID.
If I am considering to subscribe for either Fibre Home Bundle or Unlimited Fibre plan without Singtel TV Pack, am I still eligible for Mobile Plan Discount?
Yes, you are eligible to nominate up to 5(five) mobile
lines to enjoy up to 15% discount off the monthly subscription (non-keyline).
The Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ is subscribed under my name. Can I nominate another mobile line(which is not subscribed under my name) as the First Mobile Line(Keyline)?
No. Both the Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ and First Mobile line(Keyline) must be under the same subscriber.
How many Singtel Mobile lines can I nominate?
Including the First Mobile Line (Keyline), you can nominate up to 5(five) mobile lines.
I am the First Mobile Line(Keyline) subscriber. Can I nominate my family members’ mobile lines under Mobile Plan Discount?
Yes. Only the First Mobile Line (Keyline) subscriber can nominate your family members.
When can I nominate mobile line?
You can start submitting your nomination after Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ has been activated.
I have transferred the ownership of Singtel TV pack to my brother living in another house. I have 5 lines nominated, can I still enjoy 30% discount?
No. You will no longer enjoy the current benefit. All
your nominated lines will be removed. Please re-nominate 1 line via the portal to enjoy up to 15% discount off the monthly subscription (non-keyline).
I am the First Mobile Line (Keyline) and have TOS my line and reconnected back 3 months later, why am I not enjoying Mobile Plan Discount?
For voluntary TOS, Mobile Plan discount is terminated when you TOS your line. There is no automatic resume of the Mobile Plan Discount, and you will have to re-submit line nomination for re-evaluation of eligibility. Yearly handset rebate will not be applicable to you until your line has been approved as First Mobile Line(Keyline).
I am on Classic plan, can I nominate this line?
No. All lines to be nominated must be on either of the following mobile plan: Combo Plans, Lite (with 2GB Local Data), Value (with 3GB Local Data), Plus (with 4GB Local Data) and Prestige (with 12GB Local Data).
I am on Combo 1 (Silver) plan, can I nominate this line?
Yes. This line can be submitted for nomination, but will be counted towards the total mobile lines for the purpose of determining the applicable discount rate and not entitled to
subscription discount. Other plans applicable includes SuperSIM plans, Youth plans, Special plan, Staff/Friends of Family/Staff & Family plans, Easy Mobile plans and Corporate Individual Scheme plans.
Can I nominate a Singtel Prepaid mobile number/BroadBand on Mobile plan under Mobile Plan Discount?
No, only Singtel Postpaid mobile numbers can be nominated.
Is the Mobile Plan Discount applicable to Add-Ons and/or usage charges?
No. Mobile Plan Discount is only applicable on Postpaid Mobile monthly subscription charges.
I would like to make a nomination for Mobile Plan Discount. How can I do it?
You can make a nomination via online or visit any Singtel Shop.
I have done my nomination(s) for Mobile Plan Discount. When will I start to enjoy the Mobile Plan Discount?
Singtel Mobile will determine the applicable discount rate on a monthly basis (on the 1st day of each calendar month) based on the eligible discount lines and/or eligible nomination lines that are not suspended or terminated during the previous calendar month. If a nomination is made after the 1st day of any calendar month, the nomination shall be approved/rejected by Singtel Mobile on the 1st day of the following calendar month and the discount (if approved by Singtel Mobile) will only be reflected in the billing cycle of the calendar month following the month of Singtel Mobile’s approval.