MobileShare FAQs

What is MobileShare Supplementary Plan?

MobileShare Supplementary Plan is a service that allows Mobile and Mobile Broadband main subscribers to share the data, talk and text (if applicable) bundle with loved ones and/or other devices. This includes sharing of the data allocation with data add-ons such as DATA X and DataMore.

Each MobileShare subscription comes with its own SIM Card and unique phone number, allowing the MobileShare user to call, send SMS/MMS and use data just like any other Mobile subscriber.  Usage by the MobileShare number is deducted from the main price plan bundle, and pay-per-use charges apply on excess traffic.

Who can subscribe for MobileShare Supplementary Plan?
Both Mobile and Mobile Broadband subscribers can subscribe for a MobileShare Supplementary Plan.  To be eligible to subscribe to MobileShare, Mobile subscribers should be subscribing to any Combo Plan and Mobile Broadband subscribers should be subscribing to a standalone Mobile Broadband plan with data bundle of 10GB or below.
Can I use my MobileShare line for data, talk and text?
Yes, all MobileShare lines can be used to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS/MMS, and access data.  It does not matter whether the main line is subscribed to a Mobile or a Mobile Broadband price plan.
What charges are applicable for MobileShare?

For each MobileShare line that you subscribe to, there will be a one-time registration fee and SIM card charge, as well as a fixed monthly subscription.  Usage will be deducted from the main price plan bundle, which includes talktime/SMS/MMS/data if the main line is a Mobile line, and data if the main line is a Mobile Broadband line.  Any usage in excess of the bundle by either the main line or the MobileShare line will be charged to the main line at pay-per-use rates.

  Main line is a Mobile line Main line is a Mobile Broadband line
Monthly Subscription per line $10.70 $10.70   
Contract Term 12 months 12 months
Data Free 0.5GB Free 0.5GB
Local Calls

- Free incoming calls

- Share bundle for outgoing calls

Pay-per-use for incoming and outgoing calls
SMS / MMS Share bundle Pay-per-use
Supplementary Lines Up to 3 lines Up to 3 lines
What happens if the main line is terminated? MobileShare line will be converted to Combo 1 (3-month contract applies)
I have given my child a MobileShare line. How will I be charged for his usage?

For Mobile customers whose bundle includes talktime, SMS/MMS and data, the usage by the MobileShare customer will be  offset from the main line bundle. Prevailing excess usage applies  once you have exceeded your voice/data bundle.

For example:

Lite Plan with 100 mins talktime, 800 SMS and 2GB Data
MobileShare Plan with 0.5GB Data
Total Share: 100 mins talkitme, 800 SMS and 2.5GB Data
Excess usage will be charged at pay per use.

Mobile Broadband plan: Usage will be charged as per pay-per-use on the talktime/sms and mms. Data usage on the supplementary line will offset from the main line data bundle. Prevailing excess charges and monthly bill cap apply after customer has exceeded the free local data bundle.

How many MobileShare Supplementary Plans can I sign up for my mobile line?
You can subscribe for up to to 3 supplementary lines. MobileShare, RedPac, RedPac Plus and TagLite are all counted as supplementary lines. eg If you already have one RedPac line, you can subscribe to a maximum of two more MobileShare lines.Note the line cap of 6 lines per customer, inclusive of supplementary plans.
Can I request for the microSIM card when I sign up for MobileShare Supplementary Plan?
 Yes you can.
Do I get to enjoy Multi-Line benefits / Birthday Treats for MobileShare Supplementary Plan?
No, MobileShare Supplementary Plan is not eligible for Multi-Line discount and line count, or for Birthday Treats promo.
My child has an existing mobile line. Can I sign up MobileShare Supplementary Plan under his name?
 No, our Youth scheme policy only allows each child to one mobile line only.
Can I enjoy Caller-ID and other Add-ons on my MobileShare line?
Yes, you can apply for chargeable Add-ons including Caller-ID.  The registration fee & monthly subscription fee for the Add-ons will be charged to MobileShare Supplementary Plan account.
Can I use my MobileShare line when I travel overseas?
Yes, please call 1688 or log into the My Singtel app on your mobile to request for roaming service to be activated for your MobileShare line before leaving Singapore.  Note that roaming data plans are not shareable between the main and supplementary lines.
Can I transfer my MobileShare Supplementary Plan to someone else?
No. MobileShare Supplementary Plan is strictly non-transferable.
What will happen if I transfer my mobile line (Main line) to someone else?
The MobileShare Supplementary Plan will be converted to Combo 1 Plan at national promotional rates.
Is there any penalty if I terminate my MobileShare Supplementary Plan?
 There is a contractual period of 12 months. Pre-mature termination will apply accordingly based on the table below:MobileShare Supplementary Plan Penalty - $10.70(List Price) x balance number of days unfulfilled.
Who is eligible to enjoy 50% discount on MobileShare Supplementary Plan subscription?

Customers who are subscribed to mio Home / Fibre Entertainment Bundle / Fibre Entertainment Bundle+ and have nominated their mobile lines are eligible to Singtel Circle Benefits. The benefit includes a 50% discount for the first 24 months for every new MobileShare Supplementary Plan subscription. The regular monthly subscription of $10.70 will apply from the 25th month onwards