SIM Only Plan

What are the benefits of subscribing to a mobile line on a Singtel SIM Only plan?
The SIM Only plan is our most affordable plan giving you as much as 5GB of data monthly (3GB local mobile data + free 2GB local data for 12 months) at just $20/month when you commit to a 12-month contract! Bring your own device and customize your plan with all the talktime, SMS and data that you need. Plus, you can customize your plan with the wide range of add-ons available to suit your needs and change every month once you realise that the current bundle is not sufficient.
I've changed my mind after signing up for the Singtel SIM Only plan. Can I upgrade to a Combo Mobile Plan with mobile device now?
Yes. You can upgrade your existing SIM Only plan to a Combo Mobile Plan with mobile device at any time.
Apart from data, SMS and talktime add-ons, can I subscribe for other add-ons such as Caller ID, AutoRoam, DataRoam Plans, v019 and Caller Number Non Display for my SIM Only plan?
Yes you can.
If I don't subscribe to any add ons, will I be able to send and receive calls and SMS on my SIM Only plan line?
Yes. The SIM Only plan supports voice, SMS/MMS, data and roaming by default. Incoming calls and inbound SMS are free. Excess charges apply for any usage outside the bundle. If you have not subscribed to any talktime or SMS/MMS bundle, outgoing calls and outbound SMS/MMS are chargeable.
What will happen if I exceed the data bundle that comes with the SIM Only plan?
Excess data charges will be billed to you based on the prevailing pay-per-use rates. You can refer to the MySingtel app on your smartphone to monitor your usage.
I am signing up for a SIM Only plan today but I can't decide how much data/SMS/talktime I need. Can I change the data/SMS/talktime add-ons later?
Yes, you can change the add-ons by walking into any Singtel shop or calling the hotline. The new bundle will be activated within 1 working day.
Can I nominate a SIM Only plan line for Mobile Plan Discount?
No, SIM Only Plans cannot be nominated for Mobile Plan Discount.
What if I subscribe to 3GB on Day 1 and upgrade to 10GB on Day 5?
You will be charged in full for both data bundles as a minimum 1 month subscription applies for add-ons. If you were enjoying any free data because you were subscribed to a 3GB data add-on, the free data will be dropped when you change out from a 3GB to a 5GB add-on. You will not be eligible for free data promotions on the 5GB add-on as these promotions are only applicable for add-ons subscribed in the same transaction as new signup, recontract or change plan.