What is my mailbox number?
Your mailbox number is your 8-digit mobile phone number.
What is my mailbox default PIN number?
Your mailbox default PIN number is 9999.
Can I have VoiceMail with roaming?
We do not recommend you use VoiceMail when you are roaming because of potential incompatibilities between the systems.
How can I access my VoiceMail when overseas?
You would need to make a call back to Singapore. Please remember to use the International Access Code or Country Code. In Malaysia, dial 02 followed by your mobile phone number (e.g. 02 9 630 1389).
How long does VoiceMail keep my messages?
VoiceMail keeps each message for 7 days, after that the message is automatically deleted.
Can I identify an incoming call made via Call Return feature?
No. The number displayed on your mobile phone will be "PRIVATE" and this applies to all other service providers' mobile phone.
Must the caller be a Singtel Mobile subscriber in order to leave a voicemail?
Is the Call Return feature available to Pre-Paid Singtel Mobile customers?
No, this is only offered to Post-Paid Singtel Mobile customers.
What if I enter an incorrect destination number in Call Return?
The system will prompt you and ask you to re-enter the destination number. You have three tries before the system terminates the session.
Can I use Call Return if I received a voicemail from a Caller Non-Display number or an overseas phone number?
You will need to manually key in the phone number to return a call to a Caller Non-Display number.Call Return cannot be made to an overseas phone number.
Can I do a Call Return to a fixed line phone?
Yes, if the number is captured by the voicemail system. If the fixed line number is a Caller Non-Display number, you will need to manually key in the phone number.
Will there be additional charges for Call Return?
No. You will however be charged for the airtime to access your voice messages and make phone calls.
Are there any charges for VoiceMail?

Airtime charges apply when:
• Customer is accessing his VoiceMail box.
• Customer is retrieving his voice messages.
• Customer's caller starts hearing the VoiceMail announcement until he finishes depositing a voice message. (Note: the caller is also charged airtime).
• Customer uses the Call Return feature and is connected to his recipient or is diverted to his recipient's VoiceMail box.

Roaming charges apply when:
• Customer is retrieving his voice messages from overseas.
• Customer is accessing his VoiceMail box from overseas.
• Roaming airtime charges also apply for customers who are overseas when their callers leave them a VoiceMail.

Call Forward:
• Customer is charged standard outgoing airtime charges for a missed call diverted to his VoiceMail.

What will I hear after doing a Call Return, i.e. after pressing [#]?
You will hear music and, if the call is unsuccessful, there will be an announcement. When the call is terminated, the system will route you back to the voicemail access menu.
What if the voicemail originated from a PABX telephone?
A Call Return will go to the main number instead.
Can a Call Return be made before the particular voicemail has finished playing?
Yes, you may press 0 at any time to go to the Call Return option. Press [#] when prompted.
I was notified of a new VoiceMail Lite/mio VoiceMail message on my Singtel mobile phone. However, when I dialled 1305 from my mobile phone, the system told me "no new messages" or played my Singtel Mobile VoiceMail. Why?
Your Singtel Mobile Caller-ID is detected when you enter your access PIN, so you were directed to your Singtel Mobile VoiceMail. If you are subscribed to both Singtel Mobile VoiceMail and VoiceMail Lite /mio VoiceMail, please use a different access PIN for each, so as to differentiate the mailboxes.