Wireless@SG FAQ

Where are the popular hotspots that I can access the Wireless@SG service?
You can find the full list of hotspots here .
How can I enjoy the Wireless@SG services?
All customers will be required to sign up  for the service in order to enjoy Wireless@SG.
How do I connect to Wireless@SG?

For mobile users :

Step 1: Download and install the Wireless@SG app from here

Step 2: Tap into the main drop-down menu and select “Setup”

Step 3: Select the operator of your mobile number and enter your identification and mobile numbers 

Step 4: Enter the one-time pin that is sent to your mobile phone and you’re all set for seamless connectivity to Wireless@SG.


For users on devices not supported by the Wireless@SG app:

Step 1: Select “Sign-in with mobile number” here when you are at a Wireless@SG hotspot

Step 2: Enter your mobile number and verification code indicated on the screen

Step 3: Enter the one-time pin that is sent to your mobile phone and you’re all set.

Do note that your mobile device has to support the connectivity as well. Please click here to see the list of supported handsets. If your handset is not in the list of supported devices, please refer to the manual configuration steps listed here

Is the Wireless@SG app compatible with my phone?

Here is the list of supported device OS:

- [Mobile Device] Android: 4.0 and newer

- [Mobile Device] iOS: 7.0 and newer

- [PC] Mac: OS X 10.10 and newer (We are currently reviewing the min supported version due to recent OS changes)

- [PC] Windows: Windows 7 and newer

Where can I find more information about the service?
You can find more information at the IMDA's website .
How much do I pay for Wireless@SG service?
With Singtel, Wireless@SG service is FREE till 31 March 2019.
If my device is currently connected to 3G or 4G and my WiFi is on, will it be switched to Wireless@SG when I am within the coverage area?
Yes, your device will automatically connect to Wireless@SG.
My WiFi connection is slow, what can I do?
You can switch back to your mobile connection by switching the WiFi radio to 'off'. You could have been experiencing a slower connection due to a weaker signal.