Home LIVECam (Pan, Tilt & Zoom)

Must I connect to SingNet in order to use the service?
You may use the service anywhere as long as there is internet connection. However, you must be a SingNet subscriber to sign up and use this service.
Can SingNet supplementary account be used to sign up for this service?
Only main line User IDs can be used to sign up for Home LIVECam, but you can share viewing of your cameras with a supplementary account.
What are the minimum requirements for using this service:

Mobile OS:
i. IOS 5.0 and above
ii. Android 4.0 and above


Web Browser:
- Chrome 21 and above
- IE 9 and above
- Firefox 15 and above
- Safari 5.1.5 and above

- Chrome 21 and up
- Firefox 15 and up
- Safari 5.1 and up

How much must I pay if I wish to sign up for more than 1 camera?
For each camera, you will have to pay the prevailing monthly subscription charge of $6.90 for a minimum of 24 months. Setup and camera costs for all cameras are free.
Which modems/RG/router is the Home LIVECam compatible with?
It is compatible with SingNet Wireless RG such as 2Wire 2701 HGV-E, Pace 5012NV, Pace A5520N and Aztech 7000GRV.
If I use other routers which are not SingNet-approved, will the camera work?
This service works with any internet connection, however, we don’t guarantee that the service will work with routers which are not SingNet-approved.  It is recommended to use our SingNet approved routers listed above.
Do I need to plug my camera to a power adapter? How long is the power cable?
Home LIVECam must connect to a power adapter, the line is 3m.
What is the “ON-OFF” switch at the back of the camera for?
This switch is used during set up only. You only need to use it once during the initial setup. By default, the switch is set to “ON” for easy set up when you first use your camera.  Once your camera is set up, set this switch to “OFF” to ensure your camera can initialize properly.
Can I use a laptop or log into My Portal to setup the camera?
No, you can only set up your camera using the Home LIVECam app on your mobile device.  Once you have set up your Home LIVECam, you can use this app to view what’s going on at home too. 
Can I use an Ethernet connection instead of WiFi to connect my camera?
Yes you can.  During the setup process via the mobile app, there is an option to choose either Wifi or Ethernet mode.  If you choose Ethernet mode, you will require an Ethernet cable (not provided in the camera package) to connect the Ethernet port of the camera to any of available Ethernet port of your router.
I can’t seem to connect my camera wirelessly to the modem. What’s wrong?
Most likely, your camera cannot receive the WiFi signal from your modem.  Move your camera closer to your modem or to another location.
What is the maximum resolution for this camera? What’s the viewing angle?
The camera is on VGA – 640x480 pixels. Viewing angle is at 64%. You can refer to the other camera specs here
If my camera’s connection to the modem drops, do I need to re-set up my camera again?
No, you do not need to re-setup. The connection is dependent on your WIFI signal from your router. When the signal is regained, your Home LIVECam service will automatically be restored as normal, similar to your other mobile or internet-enabled devices.
Can I view this live streaming 24x7?
The video streaming will time-out after 15 minutes, both on the My Portal as well as on the mobile app.  To continue to view your live streams, refresh your internet browser or click on the camera again in your mobile app. 
Why do I get logged out suddenly while streaming the video?
This service allows one log in per session.  If another user logs in successfully with the same credentials, then the first user will be kicked out. 
Can I view multiple cameras in one screen at once?
There are no multiple views in one screen.  To make it easy to view all your cameras, you will only need to log in once into My Portal or mobile app and be able to see a list of all your cameras.  Click on a camera to view it.
The video streaming doesn’t seem to be smooth, what can I do?
The smoothness of video streaming depends on a number of factors, including camera settings, your home broadband speed, as well as the broadband speed of where you are when you try to stream the video.  You can try to modify your camera settings by increasing your camera’s frame rate, decreasing your video quality and/or resolution if your broadband speed is not fast enough.
What if my Internet Broadband connection is not fast enough? Will it affect the service?

The available bandwidth will impact the performance of the service. Altering a higher value setting in the camera, for example higher frames per second, may require a faster home internet connection.  Otherwise, you may experience some change in your camera service quality, for example, lag or jerkiness in video streaming.  Below is the matrix table illustrating the amount of internet bandwidth consumption in kbps:



Default Resolution: 640x480



2 fps

5 fps

10 fps

15 fps

20 fps

25 fps

30 fps

Quality 1








Quality 2








Quality 3








Quality 4








Quality 5

471 (default sharing)









QVGA 320x240 or 160x120



2 fps

5 fps

10 fps

15 fps

20 fps

25 fps

30 fps

Quality 1








Quality 2








Quality 3








Quality 4








Quality 5









If the internet connection becomes slower for some reason, will the camera settings also auto adjust to lower settings to match the slower connection?
No, there is no auto adjustment feature setting in the camera. 
Why am I unable to configure my camera’s settings?
Your camera must be online in order to be configured.  Your camera is online and configurable if there is a green circle next to its name on your mobile app or My Portal.
What are those time and dates captured under the Activities tab in the Home LIVECam app?
These are activities which have been captured from the motion detection.  An activity can compose of a series of images.  You can click on the play button to view these images. 
When will I receive the motion detection alerts?
You will receive a notification on your mobile app as soon as the motion is detected.  For emails alerts, you will receive a daily notification with a log of all the events captured during the day.  This will be sent to you daily between 9pm-11pm.  Log into your mobile app or My Portal to view the activities captured.
If I want to see the images captured by motion detection more than 7 days ago, can I request this from Singtel?
The service only stores the images up to 7 days in our server. Any images captured beyond 7 days are auto-purged from the server and we’re unable to retrieve these.  If you need to keep your images, you can log into the My Portal to download them into your computer or hard disk.
If I switch off my camera, will the captured images still be deleted after 7 days?
  1. Since the images are stored in the server and not in the camera itself, the images will still be deleted after 7 days.  It will be purged in decrement day first-in-first-out basis.
Can I delete my activities, without waiting for the 7 days to pass?
You can delete images by logging into the My Portal. Click on the “Activities” tab on the left menu bar then select the image you wish to delete. Click on the “Delete” link near the bottom right-hand side of the page, beneath the images shown.
Can I initiate recording for live streams or capture a snapshot via the My Portal?
No, you can’t. Recording function is only available via the Home LIVECam mobile app. The recording time is limited to 2 minutes and the file will be auto saved into your mobile device.
How many times can I record the live streaming?
You may record as many times you want, but each recording session will last up to 2 minutes only. Each recorded file saved will consume disk capacity in your mobile device.
What is the video format used to save recorded videos in my mobile device?
For IOS, the file format is mov whereas for Android, it is in mp4 format. 
How do I share my camera? And whom can I share my camera with?
To share your camera, ensure your camera is online then log into the My Portal. Under the ‘My Camera’ tab, select the camera you wish to share and click on the “Settings” link on the bottom right of your screen, then click on the “Sharing” tab. Key in the SingNet email address of the person you’d like to share your camera with.
Why can’t I use the Home LIVECam service after I change to a new router?
Once you change your router, you must re-setup your camera to associate it with the new router. 
What is the difference between “Delete Camera” and “Unsubscribe” a camera in the exPress portal?
“Unsubscribe” the camera will terminate your service for that particular camera, thus reducing your camera quota and monthly subscription. “Delete” a camera will only remove the device from the list, but it does not reduce your camera quota, and the monthly subscription still applies for that camera.  “Delete” camera can be used if you need to replace an existing camera. 
My camera doesn’t seem to work. What can I do?

If your camera is faulty and still within the 1 year warranty, you can get a replacement.  If you have previously set up your camera, you will need to delete the camera from your list first by logging into the My Portal and clicking on the “Account Settings” tab on the left.  Then, click on the “Need help with a faulty camera” link to select the camera to delete.  Then, you can take your camera to the Service Centre to get a replacement.  The address is:

Sim Lim Square

1 Rochor Canal Road, #02-22

Singapore 188504

(Nearest MRT is Bugis)

Open every day from 11am – 6pm

After the warranty expires, how do I acquire a replacement camera if it is faulty?
The warranty is valid for one year.  After which, you will need to purchase a new camera from Singtel shop if your camera is faulty. 
How do I unsubscribe from the service?
To unsubscribe, you need to log in to My Portal. Go to “Account Settings”, then click on the “Unsubscribe an existing camera” link, towards the centre bottom of the page, below the video. Then, select the camera you wish to unsubscribe. By doing so, you will not be able to use the camera until you sign up for Home LIVECam subscription again.
Why must I log into the My Portal to unsubscribe this service?
The reason is that you will need to identify which camera you wish to terminate, since many of our subscribers may have more than one camera. In order to ensure we do not delete the wrong camera, you can log into the My Portal to view and correctly select the camera you wish to delete.
Can I return the camera when I terminate the service?
You will not need to return your camera.  However, you must be signed up for Singtel Home LIVECam in order to use the camera. 
If I unsubscribed a camera previously, but wish to sign up for the service again, how do I do so?
You will need to sign up for a new service by visiting any one of our Singtel shops.
What permissions does this app ask for?

If you are using the Home LIVECam app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can choose whether to accept or reject any of the following permissions:

Push Notification - For sending out notifications where a motion is detected on the camera
WiFi - For downloading of recorded videos, live streaming and push notifications
Mobile Data - For downloading of recorded videos, live streaming and push notification
Microphone - For 2-way talk back between the camera and the mobile phone
Photo - For saving of image from recorded image or snapshot (during live viewing) of into Gallery
Storage - For saving the images from the recorded image or snapshot (during live viewing) of into Gallery
Control vibration – To turn on/off vibrations on push notification

If you are using the Home LIVECam app on the Android Operating System, you have to accept all of these permissions regardless of whether or not you use these features within the Home LIVECam app:

Push Notification - For sending out notifications where a motion is detected on the camera
WiFi - For downloading of recorded videos, live streaming and push notifications
Mobile Data - For downloading of recorded videos, live streaming and push notification
Microphone - For 2-way talk back between the camera and the mobile phone
Photos/Media/Files - For saving of image from recorded image or snapshot (during live viewing) of into Gallery
Control vibration – To turn on/off vibrations on push notification
Identity and Device ID & Call Information – To read the ANDROID_ID(device uid) to send the push notifications
Change audio setting – To change the audio settings of the live streaming from the camera

Why can’t I sign up for Home LIVECam anymore?
This service is now replaced with SmartHome , a complete home service which gives customers a better peace of mind.